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Lactating is a superpower, let me show you how Magical you are. 


Latrina, International Board-Certified Lactation consultant (IBCLC).

Hello, I'm Latrina Harris, Owner of Magical Milk, LLC, and I am an international board-certified lactation consultant (IBCLC). I assist moms, dads, and or birthing persons on their journey of feeding their baby. I am here to help Mom and or birthing person get breastfeeding/chest feeding off to a great start. I provide a range of Information on latching, returning to work/school, maintaining a good milk supply, feeding baby in NICU, etc. My mission is for my families to have a great experience and for breastfeeding/chest feeding to be as easy and joyful as possible.



Parents Recommend

Cierra S Anthony

I am a better breastfeeding mom because of you Latrina Harris the first few months I didn’t know what to do and you stayed on the phone with me a guided me through breastfeeding my baby. You FaceTimed me and made sure she was latching properly and you checked up on me frequently and now I’m able to spread the knowledge to other moms. Thank you again

Chamri Thomas 

I just want to say thanks to Trina for giving me resources, information, support and encouragement during my breastfeeding journey! I feel so confident and accomplished now. Thinking back on when I was discouraged and contemplating giving up I remember the motivational affirmations you gave me and those words still hold so much power cause it got me here now. I’ve had 2 friends on my page reach out to me this morning about breastfeeding (how ironic) and so I passed on the same info and resources you gave me. It feels so gratifying to be a help and pay it forward especially when you relate to where they’re at. Thanks girl! Keep encouraging and shedding light on the truth! 😇😄

Makoyia Denee

I started my breastfeeding journey 5/21/20. My doula referred me to Trina Harris. From the first conversation, she was very relatable and patient. We found ourselves on the phone for 45 minutes. Trina talked me through her methods and all of her knowledge. She is so passionate! Her continuous support enabled my Sun and I to sustain our journey, almost 16 months IN. I’m the first person in my immediate family to BF. Few understood, but we pushed through! Trina was there every step of the way; one phone call away. Not to mention, she was pregnant with Hendrixx. ALSO, when I had weight loss surgery in March, two months shy of my baby’s first birthday, she saved us with a milk donation. She gave me tips on how to re-establish my supply. It’s unheard of for women to continue nursing after such a procedure, but WE DID IT. We made it to ONE YEAR and still pushing! You’re the GOAT Latrina Harris We love Magical Milk’s BreastFriends. Thank you!

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